2021 here we come!

With 2020 now behind us, 2021 lies ahead. I’m sure most of us will be hoping and praying for a better year ahead.

From a Ultra Raceway perspective, we are very excited about 2021 – we have our new track ready from the word go with our first club event to be held on 17 January already!

The first leg of the 2021 National Championships will also be hosted by our club in February, with a couple of practice days scheduled before the event to get everyone ready for the event.

All the club events have been scheduled here.

We have decided to approach 2021 a little bit different than in the past:

Practice days

The factor contributing the most to the deterioration of the carpet is definitely the elements, i.e. sun and rain. We have decided to take a different approach to prolong the longevity of the carpet.

This year we will have scheduled practice days and race days – for the rest of the time, the track will be closed with covers.

The disadvantage of this is that members can’t practice just anytime. However, practice days are been scheduled so you can plan ahead of time. We will ensure that the track is prepared and clean. Further to this, a marshal will be available and timing will be activated for you to get the best from these practice days.

For members there will be a small fee of R40 per day to cover the costs of the marshal. Non-members can also come and join in the fun for an additional amount of R100 per day (R140 in total).

Membership and Race Fees

For 2021, the membership fees will work as follows:

  • Race member:

R1000 for the first family member, R500 for the second, and R250 for each member thereafter. Race fees at race days are R70 for the first class, and R50 for each class thereafter. Practice days are free (R40 contribution for marshal)

  • Full membership:

R1800 for the first member of a family, R900 for the second member, and R450 for each member thereafter. There will be no race fees for any club event / regional event at Ultra Raceway. Practice days are free (R40 contribution for marshal)

  • Nationals Membership:

R400 per year. We appreciate that it is a SARDA requirement that you have to be a member at a club to participate at nationals level. We have a solution for the racer who will only be doing national championships. Practice days are R100 + R40 contribution for marshal (R140 in total).

Race fees will be R160 for the first class and R100 for classes thereafter.

Non-member race fees will also be R160 for the first class and R100 for classes thereafter.