Track rebuild – Week 4

What a busy week we had at Ultra Raceway! More than 120 cubic meters of G5 soil (20 x 6cube loads) were delivered at the track. We had a bobcat on site to move the soil around. The bobcat was accompanied by a MASSIVE 12ton ride-on roller, compacting the soil to the exact density we wanted. We later on got a TLB as well to assist with the final leveling of the soil. Zulu, one of the members of the team helped us on Tuesday night with sprinkling the G5 with water until about 22h30! A Big thanks to Zulu for helping us out!

On Thursday and Friday, the team started applying the first round of addatives to the compacted area. In the coming week, the surface area of the base will be finalised whereafter the next steps (adding fixing mechanisms in the base, carpeting, piping etc) can follow.

Like any project, we encountered a couple of obstacles we had to overcome, but like always, we did overcome these with flying colours!


We have decided to move the gate on the inner side of the track as well. The idea with this is that we have the ability to drive from the one gate through to the other to make traffic inside better with large events. Jannie also closed up the fence next to the bathrooms.